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Signature Nail International presents the student, from beginner to professional, with a teaching concept that is individualized to meet the needs of the student.  Whether the student is just learning how to do nail enhancements for the first time or is a profi looking for that extra edge, the curriculum will help the student sharpen their skills and perfect their own style.

The nail enhancement industry has grown at such a rapid rate that the market has been flooded with a variety of products.  Each company that develops a brand has an education philosophy that is often directly related to a sales strategy.  This sales strategy must create a profit for the brand so that the company maintains its position in the market.

This is the beginning of the confusion for many nail technicians entering the business today.  Of course it is very important to know the product ingredients and the theoretical elements of creating nails.  A thorough education provides the nail technician with a better chance for success.
Professionalism begins with education in the nail industry and with the number of brands entering the market at this time the number of qualified educators diminishes.  The products themselves, each and every product has its very own unique characteristics but one product is not so much different from the other.  The packaging and marketing strategies differ from company to company making one company stand out more than another.  This should not be seen as a negative but instead something that the nail technician should be aware of in order to make an educated decision when choosing further education.

Signature educators have utilized various products and have worked with and for various manufacturers in the nail industry.  These Signature educators have also assisted in the development of new products for manufacturers.
This has enabled Signature the chance to work with the varying products and become familiar with the education philosophy, both theoretically and practically, from the leading manufacturers in the business.

As a result, the student attending a training with a Signature educator can rest comfortably with the assurance that they will receive an objective training.  Signature focuses on the technique in creating beautiful nail enhancements and providing a thorough theoretical explanation.


Imagine a room with a table and chairs and windows looking out into a beautiful garden.  Upon the table is a rock the size of one's fist.

The first person to enter the room views the rock on the table and picks it up and inspects the rock.  This person opens the window to the garden tosses the rock into the garden where the rocks belong.

The very same rock is replaced on the table and another person is invited into the room.

The second person to enter the room is a goldsmith by trade.  The goldsmith views the rock on the table and recognizes the rock as gold in its raw form.

The goldsmith then takes the gold and melts the gold down from the rock and creates a stunning and valuable piece of jewelry!

We are the Goldsmiths.



David Fowler 

The manufacturer creates the product for the nail technician.  Signature Nail International educates the nail technician about the product, how the product works, and how to create and "see" the nail enhancement.

We at Signature Nail International are dedicated in teaching the "goldsmith" how best to work with the "gold" and we look forward to meeting you during one of our next trainings!

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