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Signature Nail International Consulting 

The nail industry is an ever changing business growing in numerous
directions at one time. The nail technician within the industry has
developed often times much faster than the brand from which they
buy their product. Many of the brands on the market still rely on
an education curriculum that is based upon a sales strategy that
is outdated due to oversaturation in the nail industry.
Signature Nail International Consulting provides worldwide service
to brand owners to help reignite passion in their customers, brand
education team, and distributors. The most up to date practical
application methods in combination with logical and advanced
theoretical knowledge results automatically into increased revenue
for the brand owner!

The Signature Nail International education team shares many years
of business experience within the nail industry. This business experience
incorporates not only a vast knowledge of all the leading brands
but also the understanding of chemical compositions of nail enhancement
products. Whether your needs require professional demonstrations
on a beauty show, presentations involving workshops, or bringing
your education team and distributors to the next level through our
unique education method. Let the Signature Nail International team
assist you with the “know how” and competence to succeed in today’s
nail industry. Signature Nail International is also available
for discreet and confidential assistance in the realm of product
development through outstanding cooperation with the world’s
leading chemical suppliers. We also pride ourselves creating education
curriculums to support new development of products in your range.

Photo work is also available for brands requiring an updated image.

We are looking forward to speaking with you personally and can be
reached via e-mail at

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